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Bonded DSL


What is it?

Bonded A/DSL is a specialist broadband technology which involves bonding 2 or more ADSL lines & aggregating both the upload and download bandwidth into one single logical connection.

For example, if you have 2 broadband lines with a respective 2mb down and 0.5mb up speed, we can create one connection from this, resulting in speeds of 4mb down and 1mb up.


For the typical home user, one line running at 2mb may not be an issue, indeed for a small business which sends a few emails a day, this may be perfectly acceptable.


But imagine what adding another 1, 2 or 3 DSL connections can do for you. Sure, everyone is streaming Netflix, Youtube and various on demand services these days. That is, those with a high speed connection. Most video streaming services such at BT, SkyGo, Netflix etc, require a minimum of 2-3mb/s. Great if you live not too far from your local exchange, but bad news for those living in the countryside.

How about downloading those large email attachments, or other files that your business deals with on a day to day basis. you get the picture.


Other benefits of A/DSL bonding:

  • Up and down speeds increased up to 4x

  • Bonded A/DSL is still a cheaper alternative to a leased line or SDSL

  • Increased resiliance. If one line fails, your broadband continues to work as expected, reduced in speed proportionate to the dropped line until the issue is resolved by the ISP


If you would like to know how Bonded A/DSL can benefit your home or business, or you have any questions, please contact us:


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